Master the Waves with a Champion's Choice: Sharp Eye Surfboards!

04 | 10 | 2023
Master the Waves with a Champion's Choice: Sharp Eye Surfboards!

Introduction Sharp Eye Surfboards

Brief about Sharpeye Surfboards

In the late '80s, Marcio Zouvi, the lead designer for Sharp Eye Surfboards, drew inspiration from Californian legends such as Rusty, Linden, and Al Merrick to start his board shaping adventure. 

Sharpeye Surfboards has carved a niche for itself in the eye surfboards community as a brand synonymous with quality, performance, and innovation. With a rich history rooted in surf culture, Sharpeye has been at the forefront of surfboard design towards everyday conditions, continuously evolving to meet the demands of surfers to raise the bar at every skill level. The brand is well-regarded for its wide range of surfboard models, each meticulously crafted to offer an optimized surfing experience. The essence of Sharpeye lies in its commitment to delivering surfboards that enhance the rider's connection with the wave, enabling a blend of control, speed, and maneuverability that is hard to match.

Mention of the Blend of Traditional Craftsmanship with Modern Design Innovation

The beauty of Sharpeye Surfboards lies in its harmonious marriage of traditional craftsmanship with modern design with a range of innovation. At its core, the brand values the time-tested techniques of surfboard shaping, honing each board with a meticulous eye for detail that comes from years of experience. Yet, Sharpeye isn’t one to rest on its laurels. The brand has embraced modern design innovations, constantly pushing the envelope in exploring new materials, design theories, and technologies such as epoxy technology to enhance surfboard performance. This blend of the old sharp eye and the new has set Sharpeye apart, enabling the creation of surfboards that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also performance-oriented, catering to the modern-day surfer's need for boards that can tackle a variety of wave conditions with aplomb. Through this fusion, Sharpeye Surfboards continues to uphold a rich legacy while paving the way for the future of surfboard design.

Unveiling the Sharp Eye Surfboard Legacy

The Inception of Sharp Eye Surfboards and Its Evolution Over the Years

The saga of Sharp Eye Surfboards commenced with the vision of delivering premium product and service surfboards that encapsulate superior design towards everyday conditions and performance. Over the years, this brand has not only adhered to its foundational ethos but has ambitiously evolved, embracing innovative technologies and design ideologies. The journey saw the birth of numerous iconic surfboard models that have been built, each showcasing a fine blend of artistry and engineering. Through relentless refinement and a keen understanding of the dynamic surfing landscape, Sharp Eye has etched a legacy of evolution that reflects in the eye surfboards every curve and contour of their surfboards.

How Sharp Eye has come to symbolize high performance in the surfing community

In the realm of surf, the name Sharp Eye has become synonymous with high performance. This enviable stature is not a mere happenstance, but a testament to the brand's unyielding commitment towards pushing the boundaries of modern design of what a surfboard can achieve. At the heart of Sharp Eye's success lies a profound understanding of the surfer's desires, the dynamics of waves, and the quintessence of surfing. By meticulously crafting boards that resonate with the aspirations of surfers to raise the bar, Sharp Eye has fostered a culture of excellence. Each surfboard, whether catering to the seasoned professionals or the enthusiastic novices, is imbued with a promise of elevating the surfing experience. The feedback from the community, the triumphant cheers of surfers riding the waves on a Sharp Eye, and the accolades garnered in the competitive arena are a living testament to how Sharp Eye has become a beacon of high performance in the surfing community. Through every swoop and glide on the ocean waves, the legacy of Sharp Eye manifests, echoing a narrative of mastery, innovation, and an undying passion for surfing.

Disco – The Board that Dances on Waves

Overview of the Disco model

The Disco model by Sharp Eye Surfboards is an embodiment of agility, grace, and responsiveness. Designed to cater to the surfer's quest for a board that can effortlessly maneuver through waves, the Disco model is a testament to Sharp Eye's innovative prowess. With its sleek profile and meticulously engineered contours, the Disco facilitates a smooth, rhythmic dance on the waves, making every surf session a lyrical experience. The essence of the Disco model lies in its promise to offer a seamless blend of control, speed, and fun, embodying a design philosophy that resonates with the free spirit of surfing.

Its unique features and suitability for certain wave conditions

The hallmark of the Disco model is its unique blend of features tailored to excel in a variety of wave conditions. Key features include a lower entry rocker for enhanced speed and easy paddling, coupled with a slight lift in the tail and a double concave bottom to maintain an exhilarating agility on the waves. The nuanced distribution of volume throughout the board ensures a buoyant yet balanced ride. The model thrives in small to medium-sized waves, providing surfers with a platform to express their style with unrestrained fluidity. The fusion of a wider outline with a performance-oriented design ethos makes the Disco an adaptable companion for those playful days at the beach, effortlessly transitioning between carving turns and gliding over soft sections of waves.

Testimonials from surfers who have ridden the Disco

The testimonials from surfers who have embarked on wave-riding adventures with the Disco underscore its reputation as a board that delivers a joyful and dynamic surfing experience. Many have lauded its exceptional maneuverability and the ease with which it allows surfers to harness the energy of the waves. The recurring sentiment among surfers is a sense of liberation and rhythm that the Disco model induces, allowing them to explore a new dimension of surf creativity. The board has been described as a dependable companion that inspires confidence in varied wave conditions, transcending the expectations of surfers with its performance and playful character. The Disco model has etched joyful memories in the hearts of surfers, narrating tales of endless waves, laughter, and the timeless dance of surfing.

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Inferno 72 – Riding the Wave of Excellence

Detailed look into the Inferno 72 model, its design, and performance

The Inferno 72 stands as a pinnacle of surfboard design within the Sharp Eye brand, embodying a relentless pursuit of high-performance surfing. The artistry behind Inferno 72's design reflects a deep understanding of the dynamic between surfer and wave. Its design encapsulates a balanced blend of rocker, width, and concave, fostering exceptional speed, control, and maneuverability. The model showcases a modern, performance-oriented outline with a slight hip for increased responsiveness and a subtle blend of single to double concave ensuring optimal water flow. Inferno 72's design nuances cater to surfers looking to push the boundaries of their performance, making it a sought-after choice among professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Exploring the experiences of professional surfers like Filipe Toledo with Inferno 72

Filipe Toledo, a name synonymous with high-flying aerials and electrifying surf performances, has a profound connection with the Inferno 72. His experiences with the board unravel the caliber of Inferno 72 in meeting the demands of top-tier surfing. Filipe's choice of Inferno 72 for competitive arenas manifests the trust and confidence he places in its design and performance capabilities.

His testimonials reflect a story of triumph, precision, and unyielding performance that the Inferno 72 delivers. The synergy between Filipe and the Inferno 72 has been a spectacle, creating moments of awe and inspiration in the surfing community. His adventures with the Inferno 72 narrate a tale of unison between surfer and board, embodying a ride of excellence that transcends the ordinary, propelling surfers to reach new heights of performance and enjoyment.

The Inferno 72, through the lens of Filipe Toledo's experience, demonstrates a realm of possibilities, inspiring surfers to chase the horizon of excellence with every wave they ride.

Experience the pinnacle of professional surfboards with the Sharpeye Inferno 72 range. With the sharp eyes shape, each board in the Inferno 72 custom lineup, whether you buy Sharp Eye for competition or leisure, is a testament to superior sharp eye boards craftsmanship, ensuring every surfer's readiness for proven contest performance. Discover the Sharpeye Inferno 72 for sale and elevate your surf game to a professional standard.

Filipe Toledo – A Synonym for High-Performance Surfing

Filipe Toledo's association with Sharpeye surfboards

Filipe Toledo, a name that resonates with agility, precision, and high-performance surfing, has been a notable figure associated with Sharpeye Surfboards. His collaboration with the brand has fostered a lineage of surfboards that embody the essence of competitive and progressive surfing. The partnership reflects a symbiotic relationship where the finesse of Sharpeye's designs meets the dynamic and aggressive surfing style of Filipe, resulting in a spectacle of surfing excellence.

Sharpeye, understanding the caliber of Filipe, has honed its designs to cater to his high-flying antics and lightning-fast maneuvers. The brand has been pivotal in providing Filipe with boards that complement his surfing ideology, ensuring that each wave ridden translates into a narrative of performance, style, and innovation.

How Sharpeye designs cater to the aggressive and high-flying surfing style of Filipe

The aggressive and aerial-centric surfing style of Filipe Toledo demands surfboards that are designed with a deep understanding of aerodynamics, balance, and responsiveness. Sharpeye, with its profound knowledge in surfboard design, has been able to craft boards that resonate with Filipe's surfing ethos.

The designs encompass a blend of lightweight construction, optimal rocker profiles, and refined outlines that contribute to the lift, speed, and control, quintessential for Filipe's aerial maneuvers. The meticulous design process at Sharpeye ensures that the boards are tuned to respond with precision to Filipe's swift and aggressive movements, allowing him to push the boundaries of what's possible on a wave.

Moreover, the incorporation of modern design innovations like advanced epoxy technologies ensures that the boards are resilient yet flexible, providing the ideal platform for Filipe to exhibit his high-flying surfing style. The synergy between Sharpeye's innovative surfboard designs and Filipe Toledo's audacious approach to surfing has not only elevated the performance benchmarks but also enriched the visual spectacle of the sport, inspiring a new generation of surfers to chase the wave of excellence.

Disco Inferno – The Fusion of Fun and Performance

An in-depth examination of the Disco Inferno model

The Disco Inferno, a notable model from Sharp Eye Surfboards, epitomizes the amalgamation of fun and performance into a singular design. Crafted with a balanced blend of traditional surfboard design and modern surf technology, the Disco Inferno is tailored for surfers looking to elevate their wave riding experience without compromising on the fun aspect.

The model boasts a set of distinctive features that contribute to its versatile performance across varied wave conditions. With a moderate rocker, wide outline, and special bottom contours, the Disco Inferno facilitates easy paddling, early wave entry, and exceptional maneuverability. Its design nuances cater to a broad spectrum of surfers, from those looking to carve smooth lines to others aiming for more aggressive turns and aerial maneuvers.

Moreover, the Disco Inferno's construction incorporates modern epoxy technology, ensuring a lightweight yet durable board that responds well to the surfer's input. The fusion of these elements in the Disco Inferno model facilitates a surfing experience that is engaging, fun, and performance-driven.

Testimonials and reviews from both professional and amateur surfers

The Disco Inferno has garnered accolades from both the professional and amateur surf community. Professional surfers appreciate the model's ability to perform in competitive settings, delivering the necessary speed, control, and aerial capability required in modern-day surfing contests. The feedback often highlights the Disco Inferno's exceptional responsiveness and the confidence it instills in surfers to push their limits.

On the other hand, amateur surfers praise the Disco Inferno for its user-friendly attributes. The ease of paddling, stable ride, and the fun element it brings to the surfing experience have been a recurring theme in the reviews. Many have found that the Disco Inferno serves as a bridge, aiding the transition from a beginner or intermediate level to more advanced surfing, all while ensuring the ride is enjoyable.

The Disco Inferno, through its balanced design and positive testimonials, stands as a testament to Sharp Eye Surfboards' commitment to delivering models that encapsulate the essence of surfing - a blend of fun, freedom, and performance.

Dive into the rhythm of waves with the Disco Inferno, a proven companion for every surfer craving exceptional quality and craftsmanship expected from Sharpeye surfboards. With every curve engineered for performance, Sharpeye surfboards delivers a realm where eye sharp design meets relentless wave performers, offering every surfer the essence of surfing only found at sharp stores. Experience the dance of the Disco Inferno and let eye surf adventure begin.

disco inferno surfboard sharpeye

Synergy – The Harmonious Blend of Design and Performance

Exploring the Synergy model, its unique features, and benefits

The Synergy model from Sharpeye Surfboards is a living illustration of how meticulous design can harmonize with performance to create a surfboard that is both captivating and effective on the waves. Rooted in a design philosophy that seeks to blend essential elements of surfboard design with innovative enhancements, the Synergy model offers surfers a refined ride that translates to memorable sessions on the water.

One of the distinguishing features of the Synergy model is its well-thought-out outline, which caters to a smooth flow and maneuverability on waves. The model also showcases a balanced rocker that promotes ease in paddling and wave catching while maintaining a responsive feel underfoot. The incorporation of modern epoxy technology not only makes the Synergy lightweight but also robust, ensuring surfers have a reliable companion as they dance on the waves.

Additionally, the Synergy model's design is a nod to both tradition and innovation, offering a versatile performance that appeals to a broad spectrum of surfers. Whether it's the small-day fun or more challenging wave conditions, the Synergy model proves to be a reliable choice, bearing the hallmark qualities of Sharpeye’s design ingenuity.

How Synergy stands out in the array of Sharpeye surfboards

In a lineup of noteworthy surfboard models from Sharpeye, the Synergy model shines through with its promise of a balanced, harmonious ride. It embodies a design ethos that prioritizes a seamless blend of form and function, thereby offering surfers a board that doesn't just ride well but feels like an extension of themselves on the water.

The feedback from the surfing community further underscores Synergy’s position as a standout model. Surfers often laud the effortless glide, precise control, and the joyful ride that Synergy offers, making it a cherished model in various wave conditions.

Furthermore, the Synergy model's appeal extends to both seasoned surfers and those on their journey of surf progression, highlighting its accommodating nature. The convergence of tradition, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of performance makes the Synergy model a shining exemplar of what Sharpeye Surfboards aspires to deliver to the surfing community.

Unleash the epitome of performance surfboards with the Sharp Eye Synergy, curated for the surfer who demands the pinnacle of surf engineering. The SharpEye Synergy surfboard is the pro surfers boards choice, taking sharp eye surf to unprecedented heights, ensuring every ride is a narrative of synergy between you and the wave.

Inferno FT – The Fire on Water

A review of the Inferno FT model

The Inferno FT model from Sharpeye Surfboards ignites a sense of excitement and performance that is often described as fiery and exceptional on the water. This model has been crafted with a vision to offer surfers a board that not only responds with agility but also with a level of precision that elevates every wave ridden.

At the core of the Inferno FT model lies a design that is characterized by a sleek outline and a performance-oriented rocker profile. The board's outline facilitates swift transitions and a high degree of maneuverability, making it a choice companion for surfers looking to tackle a variety of wave conditions with confidence. The rocker profile, on the other hand, is tuned to provide a fine balance between speed, flow, and responsiveness, making it a versatile performer in different wave scenarios.

The Inferno FT’s construction also features modern epoxy technology, which contributes to its lightweight nature and durability. This, coupled with a thoughtful fin setup, allows surfers to tune the board to their preferences, further enhancing its performance attributes.

Surfing experiences shared by the community, its performance in different wave conditions

The Inferno FT has garnered a commendable amount of praise from the surfing community, both for its performance and the experiences it delivers on the waves. Many surfers echo the sentiments of exhilaration and control when riding the Inferno FT, often emphasizing the board’s ability to perform in a variety of wave conditions.

Professional surfers and amateurs alike have shared testimonials about the Inferno FT’s predictability in critical sections of the wave, its agility in maneuvering, and the speed it generates effortlessly. Moreover, the board has been celebrated for its performance in small to medium-sized waves, although it showcases a capacity to handle more challenging conditions with grace.

The feedback from the community accentuates the Inferno FT’s reputation as a board that not only ignites a fire on the water but also inspires confidence among surfers to push their limits and explore new horizons in their surfing journey.

Discover the mastery of the Inferno FT, a jewel in the sharp eye surfboards for sale collection that epitomizes surf sharp engineering. Its flawless design found in the best surfboard shops, is a surfboard professional's dream, crafted to allow surfers to raise their mastery of the waves to the zenith.

Maguro – The Classic Reimagined

Unveiling the Maguro model, its design philosophy

The Maguro model by Sharpeye Surfboards is a splendid blend of classic design reimagined with modern twists, aimed to cater to surfers who have a penchant for traditional surfboard shapes yet desire modern performance attributes. The name "Maguro," which translates to bluefin tuna in Japanese, resonates with the board's design philosophy—smooth, swift, and capable of navigating the ocean with grace.

At the heart of Maguro’s design philosophy is a generous outline that reminisces the classic fish design, known for its stability and floatation, making paddling and wave catching a breeze. However, Sharpeye didn't stop at just reviving the classic; they infused modern design elements to enhance the board's performance. A refined rocker profile, alongside modern bottom contours, has been meticulously crafted to ensure that the Maguro model transitions seamlessly from rail to rail and carves through waves with a level of responsiveness that modern surfers crave.

Furthermore, the Maguro showcases a thoughtful fin setup that allows surfers to tweak the board's performance to their liking, further bridging the gap between the traditional and the modern, and allowing a customizable surfing experience.

How it caters to surfers looking for a traditional yet modern surfing experience

The Maguro model stands as a testament to the notion that classic designs can be rejuvenated to meet the demands of modern surfing. It’s the board that appeals to the surfer who cherishes the feel of a classic fish under their feet but also yearns for the performance attributes that modern surfboard engineering provides.

Surfers riding the Maguro have noted the board’s ability to generate speed effortlessly, its smooth glide, and its adeptness in making tight turns despite its classic outline. This is a board that does not compromise the nostalgic essence of surfing while embracing modern design innovations, thus offering a surfing experience that is both traditional and contemporary.

The Maguro model is more than just a surfboard; it’s a harmonious blend of the past and present, offering a unique surfing narrative that resonates with surfers who appreciate the essence of surfing's rich history while navigating the waves of today's surfing advancements.

Uncover a realm where maguro it means a gateway to fluidity and freedom. The Maguro, with its consistent board design, transcends the ordinary, offering every surfer the quality essence of the sea. Amidst a variety of surfboard models from fun shapes, the Maguro stands as a pledge to ensure every surfer is satisfied, making every wave a narrative of exhilaration.

Jack Robinson – A Testament to Sharpeye’s Excellence

Jack Robinson’s endorsement and experiences with Sharpeye surfboards

Jack Robinson, a rising star in the surfing arena, has been a notable advocate for Sharpeye Surfboards, crediting a part of his success to the exemplary design and performance of these boards. His association with Sharpeye delineates a mutual endeavor for perfection, where Sharpeye's meticulous board designs complement Jack’s remarkable talent on the waves. Through countless competitions and free-surf sessions, Jack has showcased the exceptional attributes of Sharpeye surfboards, making a compelling case for the brand’s excellence in the surfboard industry.

His experience with Sharpeye surfboards has been nothing short of transformative. The surfboards' design precision, combined with the innovative technology, has allowed Jack to push the boundaries of what's possible on a wave. The ease of maneuverability, speed generation, and the responsive nature of Sharpeye surfboards have been pivotal in elevating Jack’s performance, showcasing a glimpse of the brand’s capability in aiding surfers to reach their zenith.

His favorite Sharpeye models and their impact on his surfing career

Among the array of Sharpeye models, certain boards have found a special place in Jack Robinson's quiver. Models like the HT2 and HT2.5 have been his go-to choices for competitive surfing. The design nuances of these models, crafted for high-performance surfing, align well with Jack’s aggressive and stylish approach on the waves.

The HT2, known for its high-speed and controlled performance, has been a game-changer for Jack, allowing him to exhibit a blend of power and finesse in his surfing. Similarly, the tweaks in design in the HT2.5 model have provided Jack with an edge in various wave conditions, demonstrating the versatility and adaptability of Sharpeye surfboards.

The impact of Sharpeye surfboards on Jack Robinson’s surfing career is profound. With every wave ridden, Jack not only exemplifies his exceptional skills but also the superior design and performance of Sharpeye surfboards. His ongoing affiliation with Sharpeye is a testament to the brand’s excellence and its significant role in propelling surfers to new heights in their surfing journey. Through the lens of Jack Robinson’s experiences, it’s evident that Sharpeye surfboards are more than just boards; they are catalysts for surfers to unlock their full potential and redefine the realms of surfing excellence.

HT2 and HT2.5 – The Evolution of Surfboard Design

A comparative review of the Holy Toledo 2 and Holy Toledo 2.5 models

The HT2 and HT2.5 models by Sharpeye manifest a meticulous evolution in surfboard design, embodying the brand's relentless pursuit for performance enhancement. At a glance, both models share the high-performance surfboard tag but delve deeper, and the subtle design refinements in the HT2.5 model become apparent.

The HT2, with its roots in high-speed and controlled performance, has been a choice for competitive surfers. Its design promotes speed generation and maneuverability, essential for modern competitive surfing. The board's contour, rocker, and fin setup are orchestrated to perform in a variety of wave conditions, delivering a balanced blend of speed, power, and flow.

Transitioning to the HT2.5, Sharpeye infused several design refinements. The tweaks in the outline, the addition of a wing pin tail, and a slight adjustment in the rocker profile are aimed at enhancing the board's performance in everyday surf conditions. These modifications render the HT2.5 a more adaptable companion in varying wave conditions, without compromising the high-performance attribute that defines the HT2.

How these models represent the evolution of surfboard design at Sharpeye

The transition from HT2 to HT2.5 symbolizes Sharpeye’s dedication to evolving surfboard design to meet the dynamic demands of modern surfing. The design enhancements in the HT2.5 model reflect a thorough understanding of surfers' needs and the ever-changing wave conditions they encounter.

Moreover, the evolution signifies a broader trend in the surfboard industry towards more adaptable designs without sacrificing performance. It showcases Sharpeye's ability to anticipate and respond to the surf community's desires, proving their commitment to delivering high-quality, performance-oriented surfboards.

The iterative design approach from HT2 to HT2.5 demonstrates how feedback from professional surfers and advancements in surfboard design technology are harnessed to drive design evolution at Sharpeye. It encapsulates the brand’s ethos of continuous improvement, aiming to offer surfers a refined tool that allows them to express themselves freely on the waves, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the water.

In a nutshell, the HT2 and HT2.5 models are emblematic of Sharpeye's ongoing quest to meld traditional surfboard crafting expertise with modern design innovations, striving to elevate the surfing experience to unparalleled heights.

Experience the epitome of shortboards with the HT 2.5, designed meticulously to make the HT2 go beyond the ordinary. Embracing Filipe's directive, it's crafted for the surfboard professional aiming to allow surfers to raise their game. The HT 2.5 is a testimony to excellence, ensuring every surfer is satisfied with a premium product. Discover yours at the nearest surfstore and elevate your surf journey.

Sharp Eye #77 - The Surf Enthusiast's Dream

A detailed dive into the unique attributes and construction of the Sharp Eye #77

The Sharp Eye #77, conceived by the acclaimed head shaper Marcio Zouvi, is a gem in the realm of surfboard brands. Its construction is a unique blend of contemporary surfboard technology, aimed at delivering you the world’s fastest ride across a spectrum of wave conditions. The #77 exhibits a modern outline coupled with a gentle entry rocker and a medium exit rocker, harmonizing to provide a well-rounded mix of speed, control, and maneuverability.

The design of #77's low to medium rails facilitates rapid transitions and sharp turns, embodying a nature of responsiveness that small wave performers cherish. Its Squash Tail design further amplifies its agility, making it a reliable companion in both small to medium waves and the more demanding, powerful wave conditions.

The #77 also flaunts a clever concave configuration. The transition from single to double concave bottom with a slight vee off the tail augments the board’s speed and drive while smoothing out rail to rail transitions. This design nuance elevates the Sharp Eye #77, making it a favored pick among surfers desiring a high-performance board without sacrificing user-friendliness.

Reviews and accolades from the surfing fraternity

The Sharp Eye #77 has received a warm reception from the surfing community. Experienced surfers frequently praise its capacity to excel in a diverse range of wave conditions, underscoring its versatility as a standout feature.

Testimonials often emphasize the surfboard's remarkable responsiveness, its prowess in speed generation, and its capability for sharp, precise turns. The commendations extend to its stability and control, even in challenging wave scenarios, bearing testimony to its design superiority.

Moreover, the #77's performance in competitive settings, as demonstrated by professional surfers, further solidifies its standing as a pro level board in the world's leading surfboard brands.

The agreement among the surfing community is apparent; the Sharp Eye #77 is a distinguished surfboard that embodies the meld of modern design with high-performance surfing, making it a valued choice for surfers aspiring to enhance their wave-riding experience. Through its meticulous design, honed by test conventional shaping practices, it's evident that the mission of Sharp Eye #77 is to ensure every surfer the quality and craftsmanship expected from one of the finest boards in the market.

Storms Twin Turbo – The New Wave Riding Sensation

Introduction to the Storms Twin Turbo model

The Storms Twin Turbo is a prime exemplar of Sharpeye’s innovative approach to surfboard design, embodying the new wave of modern surf technology. This model is crafted to cater to the contemporary surfer, looking for a high-octane, yet stable ride across varying wave conditions. The Twin Turbo model, as the name suggests, is designed with a twin fin setup, which is a nod to traditional surfboard designs but with a modern twist to cater to today's high-performance surfing demands.

The design nuances of the Storms Twin Turbo, including its sleek outline, relatively lower rocker, and carefully crafted fin setup, all contribute to a board that promises speed, agility, and a fun, lively feel underfoot. The twin fin configuration lends itself to a faster, looser feel, allowing surfers to draw unique lines and exhibit a blend of classic and modern surfing styles.

How it’s changing the game in modern wave-riding

In a surfing era that continually leans towards the fusion of traditional and modern design elements, the Storms Twin Turbo is a shining beacon. It’s rekindling the love many surfers have for twin fin configurations, showcasing how they can be integrated into modern, high-performance designs.

The Storms Twin Turbo is changing the game by proving that surfboards can encapsulate a hybrid essence, merging the playful, free-flowing spirit of classic surfboards with the demand for high performance and precision required in modern wave-riding.

Surfers riding the Storms Twin Turbo often rave about its ability to generate exceptional speed, its nimble handling, and its capability to perform in a range of wave conditions, from small, fun waves to head-high and above. The model also underscores the fact that a well-designed twin fin surfboard can stand toe-to-toe with thruster setups in terms of performance while offering a distinct, enjoyable ride characteristic.

In essence, the Storms Twin Turbo is not just a surfboard; it's a statement from Sharpeye on the boundless possibilities that lie in surfboard design, pushing the envelope of what's achievable in blending tradition with modernity in wave-riding.


Sharpeye Surfboards stands at the forefront of marrying traditional craftsmanship with modern design innovations in the realm of surfboard engineering. Through meticulous design, relentless testing, and a keen ear to the feedback from the surfing community, Sharpeye continually pushes the boundaries of what's possible in surfboard design. Each model, from the playful Disco to the high-performance oriented Inferno 72, encapsulates a unique blend of design attributes aimed at enhancing the surfing experience across a broad spectrum of wave conditions and surfing styles.

The endorsement and collaboration with professional surfers like Filipe Toledo and Jack Robinson further attest to the brand's commitment to delivering high-performance boards that meet the demanding needs of top-tier surfers while also catering to the everyday surfer.

Sharpeye’s diverse range of surfboard models is a testament to their unwavering commitment to innovation and quality. They offer a rich selection that caters to surfers of all skill levels and wave preferences. Whether you are an aspiring surfer or a seasoned wave rider, exploring the extensive range of Sharpeye surfboards is an adventure in discovering a board that resonates with your surfing style and amplifies your wave-riding experiences. The blend of traditional and modern design elements across their range ensures that every surfer can find a board that feels intuitive, performs excellently, and embodies the spirit of surfing that resonates with them.

Embarking on a journey with Sharpeye surfboards is not merely about owning a piece of finely crafted surf equipment; it's about becoming part of a community that values quality, performance, and the ceaseless pursuit of surfing excellence. So, as the waves beckon, let the innovative designs of Sharpeye surfboards guide your exploration of the boundless ocean playground.