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Get ready to catch waves with the Sharp Eye Storms, the latest Kanoa Igarashi pro model, designed specifically for small to medium waves. The board has a distinctive pedigree. It was ridden by Kanoa himself to help Japan clinch the gold medal at the ISA games, setting a new standard in surf performance.

Design: Evolving From the Disco Hell Squash

The Sharp Eye Storms' design is an evolution of the original Disco Hell Squash. We've enhanced this model by adding more area to the nose, creating a board that offers both stability and agility. A bump squash has been introduced to the outline for easier, tighter turning, perfect for navigating wave pockets. We've also increased the nose thickness, pushing the volume forward to ensure optimal buoyancy and momentum even in smaller wave conditions.

Performance: Superior Glide and Turning

One of the standout features of the Sharp Eye Storms is its superb gliding performance. This board sails smoothly through flat sections, ensuring you stay in the game longer. But it doesn't just excel in flat waters. Thanks to its carefully designed outline, the Sharp Eye Storms can turn effortlessly even in the tighter sections of the wave, giving it an undeniable edge in wave riding.

Sharp Eye Storms: The Ultimate Board for Small to Medium Waves

In summary, the Sharp Eye Storms, with its enhanced design and superior performance, is the ultimate board for small to medium waves. It's not just a surfboard; it's a statement - a testament to innovation and performance that helped secure a gold medal in international competition. If you're a QS warrior or a surfing enthusiast looking for that go-to board that can turn on a dime and glide through waves, consider the Sharp Eye Storms. It might just be the game-changer you've been waiting for.
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Looking for the nitty-gritty details?

At World Surf Store, we believe in complete transparency so you can make the most informed decision. Our Sharp Eye Storms specifications include recommended dimensions sizes, construction materials, and Fin System - everything you need to know to choose the right board for your style and skill level. See below to explore the specifications of the Sharp Eye Storms, and understand why it's the pro model loved by champions. Make your choice with confidence.

Ready to ride the waves with the gold-standard in surfboards? Upgrade your surf game with the Sharp Eye Storms, the board that's revolutionizing performance in small to medium waves. Don't just catch waves, master them.

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