Channel Islands

Channel Islands

Embarking on the Channel Islands Adventure

Venturing into the world of surfing, Channel Islands Surfboards stands as a beacon of innovation and superior craftsmanship. Born from the creative genius of Al Merrick in 1969, these surfboards have become an iconic part of the global surfing community. World Surf Store takes pride in being a part of this journey, bringing these legendary surfboards to our esteemed customers.

Breaking Waves with Design and Innovation

Channel Islands Surfboards has always been at the forefront of surfboard design. Their commitment to continuously evolve and adapt is evident in their impressive lineup of surfboards. Every design element of these boards, from the contour and symmetry to the choice of materials, echoes innovation.

Showcasing Remarkable Models

Each surfboard model in the Channel Islands collection carries a unique story. We proudly offer a range of these models including the "Code Al Merrick", "New Flyer - Tuflite", and "Al Merrick Waterhog". Their unique attributes cater to different surfing styles and conditions, making them a favored choice amongst a diverse group of surfers.

Riding the Pro Wave with Channel Islands

Channel Islands Surfboards aren't just popular amongst amateur surfers. They have been the trusted companion of numerous professional surfers such as Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, and Lakey Peterson. These athletes have not only endorsed these boards but have also attributed their exceptional performance to their unique design and functionality.

The Channel Islands Experience

Investing in a Channel Islands Surfboard is not just about owning a piece of surfing equipment. It's about the experience, the rush of riding a wave with superior control, balance, and responsiveness. These boards cater to every surfer's needs, from the beginner stepping onto the board for the first time to the seasoned pro testing their skills on challenging waves.

The Final Wave

There's no better way to experience the thrill of surfing than with a Channel Islands Surfboard. At World Surf Store, we bring these exceptional boards to your fingertips. Ready to ride the waves with Channel Islands? Browse our collection and find your perfect wave rider today!

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6 Produto(s)