Unlock Your City Surf Adventure: Exclusive Surfskate Promotion Inside!

19 | 10 | 2023
Unlock Your City Surf Adventure: Exclusive Surfskate Promotion Inside!

Have you ever dreamed of riding the waves, but you're far from the sea or the conditions aren't right? Surfskate is the answer to your surfing desires, even on solid ground! Imagine gliding through the city, replicating every movement and sensation of surfing, but on wheels.

This isn't your typical skateboard. It's a fusion of surfing techniques and the features of a skateboard. Not only does it allow you to hone your surfing skills when the waves aren't cooperating, but it also gives you the freedom to explore the asphalt as if you were in the ocean.

So, are you ready for this new experience? Grab your surfskate promotion and feel the adrenaline of surfing, whether on the beach or on the street!

Overview: Surfskate - The Wave that Glides on Asphalt!

What is Surfskate?

Ever heard of surfing on asphalt? That's precisely what surfskate is! A unique and special skateboard, designed to give you the authentic feeling of surfing, but on solid ground. With its adapted trucks and design reminiscent of surfboards, you can make sharp turns, maneuvers, and glide through the city as if you were facing the ocean waves. Perfect for all surf lovers who want to refine their technique, even far from the beach.

Benefits of Surfskate

But surfskate isn't just about fun! Besides allowing you to practice your surf moves, it offers numerous benefits. You'll notice improvements in your balance, coordination, and even in your muscle strength. You might be far from the sea, but with a surfskate, your surf training never stops. Whether in parks, in your neighborhood, or even that secret spot only you know about, with surfskate, every street becomes your waves!

Different Surfskate Models: Find Yours!

Surfskate 34"

Designed for versatility! With its 34", this model is an incredible combination of stability and maneuverability. Whether you're just starting out or already a pro at surfing, this surfskate allows you to replicate a wide range of surfing movements on the asphalt. Want an authentic and fun surfing feel? Then this one's for you.

Surfskate 32"

Agile and compact. The 32" surfskate is for those seeking maneuverability and love challenging themselves on the tightest curves. If you enjoy carving and have a more refined technique, this model will allow you to maximize your skills.

Surfskate 32.5"

The perfect balance. Neither too long nor too short. At 32.5", this surfskate is the middle ground offering both stability and maneuverability. Ideal for surfers who are at an intermediate to advanced level and want to perfect a variety of movements on the asphalt.

How do Surfskates Work?

Surf skates are designed to simulate the sensation of surfing on solid ground. Their specific mechanics and design make this simulation possible. Here's an overview of how they work:

  1. Articulated Trucks: The most distinctive feature of surf skates is their articulated front trucks. These allow a greater range of motion compared to traditional skateboard trucks. So, when you lean your weight from one side to the other, the surf skate responds with much tighter and faster turns.
  2. Deck with Specific Shaping: Many surf skates have a deck with a broader design at the front, providing more foot space and allowing surfers to adopt a surfing-like stance.
  3. Pumping Movement: Thanks to the articulated trucks, riders can gain speed through a pumping motion, similar to what's done in surfing to gain speed on a wave. This involves a twisting motion and shifting weight from one side to the other.
  4. Simulation of Surf Maneuvers: The combination of these features allows riders to perform surf-like maneuvers, such as cutbacks, bottom turns, and carves.
  5. Adaptation to Different Terrains: While they are ideal for flat and smooth surfaces, surf skates can be used on various terrains. Their tight turning ability also makes them suitable for skate parks.
  6. Variety of Sizes: There are different sizes of surf skates, each suited for different styles and skill levels. For instance, longer models offer more stability, while shorter ones are more maneuverable.

In summary, the surf skate is a fusion between surfing and skating, allowing surfing enthusiasts to hone their skills and feel the thrill of surfing even far from the ocean. It's a great tool for both training and fun.

Surfskate vs Skateboard

Differences between Surfskate and Skateboard

When comparing surfskate and skateboard, it's also important to consider the components that make them up.

  1. Deck: Surfskate decks tend to be shorter and have a design more akin to a surfboard, allowing for greater mobility. Traditional skateboards, on the other hand, come in a wider variety of sizes and are generally flatter.
  2. Trucks: As previously mentioned, the trucks of the surfskate are specifically designed to replicate the movement of surfing, providing a greater swivel and allowing for tighter turns. Skateboards have stiffer trucks, ideal for tricks and jumps.
  3. Wheels: Surfskate wheels are generally wider and softer, allowing for better grip on asphalt and a more fluid sensation. On skateboards, the wheels can vary widely in terms of size and hardness, depending on the type of trick or surface they are used on.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to the type of skateboard they wish to use. Regardless of your choice, the most important thing is to have fun and practice safely. Don't forget to always wear the appropriate protective gear!

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Skateboard

  1. Purpose of Practice: As mentioned before, if your goal is to replicate the sensation of surfing, surfskate is the way to go. However, if you aim to do tricks on ramps, stairs, or rails, a traditional skateboard is the ideal choice.
  2. Skill Level: For beginners, it might be easier to start with a traditional skateboard due to its stability. Surfskate, with its high maneuverability, might require a bit more balance and coordination.
  3. Practice Location: If you live near the beach and want to train surf movements out of the water, a surfskate might be the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you're close to skate parks or urban streets, a skateboard might be more suitable.
  4. Size and Design: Both skateboards and surfskates come in various sizes and designs. Think about the size that makes you feel most comfortable and suits your type of practice.
  5. Budget: Prices can vary quite a bit depending on the brand, quality, and specifications. Set a budget and look for options that fit within it.
  6. Reviews and Recommendations: Talk to friends who already practice or check out online reviews. Feedback from other skaters can be invaluable when making a decision.
  7. Try Before Buying: If possible, try out both types of skateboards before making a final choice. Nothing beats feeling the differences between them for yourself.

Remember that the choice between surfskate and skateboard entirely depends on your personal preferences and goals. The most important thing is to pick what makes you feel good and safe. And, of course, always have fun!

Top Surfskate Brands

If you're in the market for the best surfskate, it's good to know there are several renowned brands out there offering high-quality products:

1. NitroSk8

This brand has been gaining popularity in the surfskate community. Its models are known for durability and attractive design. NitroSk8 focuses on producing surfskates that not only offer a realistic surfing experience but are also accessible to everyone, from beginners to more experienced surfers. The combination of high-quality trucks with well-designed decks makes NitroSk8 a top choice for those looking for an authentic surfskate experience.

2. Carver Skateboards

This is one of the most iconic brands in the world of surfskate. Known for its innovative trucks, Carver provides a realistic surfing experience on asphalt.

3. YOW Surf

Another leading brand in the segment, YOW Surf is known for its ability to recreate the fluid sensation of surfing, allowing for tight cuts and radical maneuvers.

4. SmoothStar

With a wide variety of models available, SmoothStar is famous for its stability and performance in turns.

5. SwellTech

This brand focuses on providing the most authentic surfing sensation possible, with a truck system that mimics the movement of a real surfboard.

6. Slide

With a unique design and a differentiated truck system, Slide is another excellent option for those wanting to experience the feeling of street surfing.

Nitrosk8 Surfskates


With its round pin outline, it has a longer mini style. Its wheelbase distance is medium. It offers quick turns and a great push. It's fun and one of the favorites among female audiences. Made for those who want to exercise while having fun.


The concave is now more pronounced, allowing the rider to get even more radical while offering the comfort and stability of old schools. This model has a great shape area especially on the tail, providing total safety in drops on ramps or more extreme situations.


The WAVE SUNSET 2019 model is ideal for those who are radical. It embodies the essence of surfing with its wing swallow outline and gentle incline. The Wave Sunset has an intermediate distance between axles, allowing for swift turns with great stability and push.

It boasts a shape made of 7-layer Canadian maple. The Wave Sunset distinguishes itself among the latest cruiser models, offering top performance both on the streets and on tracks or in more extreme situations.


Surf simulator from the big wave surfing legend and two-time world champion Carlos Burle. The shape features a surf wing swallow outline, made of maple and bamboo, exuding a retro style and concept.

With a spacious deck area, the skateboard epitomizes the quality of the materials in its performance, excelling in free riding with easy and stable propulsion, as well as in the most extreme scenarios.


A fusion of function and style, this surfskate delivers the thrill of surfing right in your neighborhood. Built with a seven-layer Canadian maple, it features a waterproof paint surface that's ready for any weather. Its unique design promotes tight turns and optimal push, perfect for a high-energy workout or a relaxed cruise around town. The Wave Green isn't just a skateboard - it's your ticket to fun, fitness, and freestyle surfing.


The board is sturdy and durable, ready to tackle any situation, from free riding to the most extreme tracks. The gentle concave and spacious deck area offer complete control and stability, making it an excellent choice for riders looking to turn the city into their own personal surf spot. Whether you're carving the street or pushing your limits at the park, the SURFSKATE MAORI FLOWER delivers an unparalleled ride.


It boasts a dynamic design that complements the expansive deck area, allowing users to move freely across terrains with stability and ease. Whether you're cruising open roads or tackling challenging courses, the Carlos Burle Tahiti model embodies the quality of its construction in enhanced performance.

This surfskate isn't just ideal for casual rides, but also shines in more demanding scenarios, allowing you to master the waves from the comfort of the pavement.


The SURF GRADIENT was designed to offer an unparalleled surfing experience on land. With its spacious deck and gentle concave, it ensures a comfortable ride that mimics the feeling of surfing on waves. The design is versatile, providing exceptional control and stability, needed for a swift ride through the city or tackling challenging skate parks.


With a captivating Maori Flower design, this board bridges the gap between aesthetic allure and unmatched performance. Crafted with exquisite workmanship, it translates the thrill of surfing into urban landscapes. Its sturdy structure is designed to handle everything from casual free riding to challenging extreme tracks.


The RAINBOW SURF 2020 is a surf simulator with a larger size and shape, featuring a good surf outline, tail wing swallow. Made from maple and bamboo, it brings an aggressive retro surf concept, with a stunning look. NITROSK8 translates the quality of materials into performance, both in free riding and on tracks or in more extreme situations.


This board brings the emotion of big wave surfing to the concrete jungle. Made from high quality Canadian maple, the board has impeccable construction that ensures exhilarating performance just like riding a wave. Its specially designed wheel and truck system provides remarkable rebound, mimicking the thrust of surfing.


The WAVE GROWER was meticulously crafted with the finest Canadian maple, ensuring durability and smooth riding. Whether you're cruising the streets or tackling the most challenging terrain, the WAVE GROWER translates quality into exceptional performance.

Nitrosk8 Surfskates is one of the most reputable surfskate brands in the world.

Nitrosk8 Surfskates is a globally recognized brand in the world of surfskate and skateboarding. With a variety of innovative models and designs, it provides enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the feeling of surfing the streets. Their boards, ranging in size from standard to 32" longboards, are developed with cutting-edge technology, allowing for exceptional maneuverability and a skating experience close to surfing. Additionally, Nitrosk8 is known for the quality and durability of their products, being a top choice for many practitioners, both beginners and advanced. If you're in Lisbon, you can visit our showroom at our store or explore the range online on our website, where you'll find surfskates suitable for carving, cruising and training your surf skills on land, providing the authentic feeling of surfing waves without getting in the water.

No waves? Our trucks will improve your surfing before the next swell.

Surfskate is the perfect bridge between surfing and skating, allowing you to practice your maneuvers even on dry land. Discover our Nitrosk8 boards in the showroom in Lisbon, Portugal, or buy your surfskate online. With a unique design and robust construction, our surfskates have the ability to simulate the flow and curves of surfing, helping you refine your skills before catching the next wave. Don't let the lack of waves stop you, find your balance with surfskate and get ready to surf like a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a cruiser skateboard?

A cruiser skateboard is a type of skateboard designed for cruising, which means riding smoothly along and having fun on smoother surfaces like sidewalks and bike paths.

2. What is the ideal size for a cruiser skateboard?

The ideal size for a cruiser skateboard varies according to the skater's preference. However, common cruiser skateboard sizes are 34", 32" and 32.5".

3. What is a surf skate?

A surf skate is a type of skateboard designed to simulate the feeling of surfing on land. They are built to facilitate carving motions and mimic the characteristic motions of surfing.

4. What is a longboard?

A longboard is a type of skateboard that is longer and generally wider than traditional skateboards. They are designed for cruising, high speed downhill and freestyle maneuvers.

5. Do you have skate protection available?

Yes, we have skate protection available for purchase on our website worldsurfstore.com such as knee pads and elbow pads pro-tec street, pro-tec multi-sport helmet or Tony hawk protective set.

6. Can I practice surfing on land with a cruiser skateboard?

Yes, a cruiser skateboard is a great option to practice surfing on land. It is designed to simulate the feeling of surfing and allows you to work on your surfing motions on flat surfaces.

7. What brands do you sell?

Right now we only carry Nitrosk8 which is known for its quality and performance.

8. What promotions are currently available in the store?

Currently, we have a promotion of 34% off on all our Nitrosk8 surfskates. Visit our website or our store in Costa da Caparica to take advantage of this offer.

9. How long will the promotion last?

The promotion is valid while supplies last. Don't miss this opportunity to acquire a high quality surfskate at a reduced price.