Mid Length Surfboards

Mid Length Surfboards

Discover the Magic of Mid Length Surfboards

Mid length surfboards, the versatile hybrids of the surf world, strike a balance between shorter, maneuverable boards and the classic longboard. They offer a unique blend of performance characteristics, making them a popular choice among surfers of various skill levels.

Decoding the Versatility of Mid Length Surfboards

Mid length surfboards, typically measuring between 7 to 8 feet, combine design elements from both shortboards and longboards. They are typically thicker and wider, with a rounded nose and tail. Their design promotes stability, glide, and maneuverability, bridging the gap between easy-riding longboards and high-performance shortboards.

Why Choose a Mid Length Surfboard?

These boards excel in their versatility. They provide excellent glide in smaller waves, yet hold their own when conditions get bigger. The additional length and volume offer increased paddle power and stability, making wave catching a breeze. Yet, they still maintain the agility to carve clean lines and perform turns.

The Ideal Mid Length Surfer

Mid length boards are a versatile choice, suitable for surfers of all skill levels. While beginners may appreciate their stability, intermediate and advanced surfers often enjoy the variety they add to their quiver. They perform well in a range of wave conditions, from small beach breaks to head-high point breaks. For surfers looking for a versatile board, our 'Takayama Egg Surfboard' model is a popular choice.

Our Stellar Mid Length Collection

At World Surf Store, we offer a diverse range of mid length surfboards to suit every style and need. Whether you're seeking a smooth cruiser for laid-back rides or a more performance-oriented model like our 'Takayama Egg Surfboard', we have a board to suit your needs.

Finding Your Mid Length Match

When choosing a mid length surfboard, consider your skill level, usual surfing conditions, and your surfing goals. Whether you're looking for a relaxed ride or prefer to carve up the wave face, our team at World Surf Store can help you find the perfect board for your needs. Check out our 'Takayama Egg Surfboard', a popular choice for surfers of all levels.

The Final Perfect Wave

Mid length surfboards, with their blend of stability, agility, and versatility, make a great addition to any surfer's quiver. Explore the range of mid length boards at World Surf Store, including our popular 'Takayama Egg Surfboard', and find your perfect wave-catching companion. Your next surf adventure awaits!

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