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Surf Now, Buy Later with Sole Softop-CP from Sharp Eye

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of surfing with our Surf Now, Buy Later program. Use up to 85% of your rental fees from the past month as a discount when buying any new or used surfboard within 3 days of your last rental. The Sole Softop-CP from Sharp Eye is a high-quality surfboard designed for optimal fun on small waves. Featuring innovative design and exceptional durability, this board provides a long-lasting surfing experience that guarantees smooth rides and easy wave catching.

Enjoy Surfing to the Fullest with Sole Softop-CP from Sharp Eye

More than just a surfboard, the Sole Softop-CP is designed with a focus on rider enjoyment and comfort. The board features a flat rocker with a deep double concave vee, ensuring not just a glide on waves, but an actual carve through them. Its design enables a quick and effortless transition from rail-to-rail, giving surfers an unmatched feeling of fluidity. Additionally, a thermal-formed EVA deck enhances grip and board durability, eliminating concerns about easy dings on the nose, tail, and rails.

The construction of the Sole Softop-CP, which includes an EPS-Veneer, stands out for its durability and high performance. Unlike standard EPS or PU constructions, an EPS-Veneer softboard promises a longer period of high-level performance, making it a smart investment for surfers who value durability along with performance.

Part of the Softop® Custom-Performance (CP) series from Surftech, the Sole Softop-CP represents the next evolution in a line that has been trusted by surf schools, rentals, and consumers for over two decades. The result of a collaboration with innovative shapers like Marcio Zouvi from Sharp Eye, Donald Takayama, and Bill Stewart, the Sole Softop-CP softboard embodies the future of surfing technology. Get ready to experience a wave of excitement with the Sole Softop-CP from Sharp Eye.

All rentals must be picked up and delivered in our shop any day between 10 am and 6.30 pm.

Board Features Available:

  • 5'6" 20.0" 2.6" 31.9L
  • 6'0" 21.5" 2.7" 40.3L
  • 6'6" 22.0" 3.0" 48.6L

*Plastic 5 fin set included

* Please check the availability and all the details directly on whatsapp +351 967 704 032 / +351 915 529 621

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