Longboard Manufacturing Kit till 10'3


Longboard Manufacturing Kit till 10'3


We have 3 levels of surfboard production kit:

Level Self made man!

On this level you will spend less money but you need more time and hours to build your surfboard because you will need to hand shape all your surfboard from Blank.

Level I'm better than I though!

On this level you will have almost finished shaped blank according to your request and you just need small time to finished the shape.

We will supply you CNC machine pre-cut blank .

Level Lazzy Ass! - You just want to spend good time drinking good beer at home doing your magic board.

On this level you receive finished shaped blank made from our expert shaper.

Fin plugs holes will already be cut on blank too .

For All Levels we will supply:

4 kg deluxe polyester Silmar resin with hardener

100 ml of Wax Stirene for proper sanding board

6 meters of deluxe Hexel fiberglass 4 oz

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