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The Scorpion 2 Softop-CP excels in small California style surf to well overhead island style barrels. A very fast paddler with easy tail control, this is a must have in every surf quiver! The Softop Egg features a thermal-formed EVA deck that will give you extra grip and an EPS-Veneer construction for a durable board that will keep performing much longer than standard boards.


**Plastic 5 fin set included**

The Softop® Custom-Performance Series of boards designed by the most innovative shapers and coupled with Surftech's legendary Softop construction. Surftech’s Softop series of boards has proudly been the #1 surf school, rental, and consumer choice for more than two decades, thanks to the durability, ease of use, and proven shapes. The Softop-CP line utilizes a Micro- Veneer, EPS / Epoxy construction, and is topped with durable thermal-formed EVA deck pad. The result is a durable and forgiving board with the performance aspect you are looking for. To make sure you get the best of the performance aspect of these boards, we coupled our technology with timeless shapes from Marcio Zouvi (SHARP EYE ), Donald Takayama, and Bill Stewart. These unique models are the first of their kind and we are proud to partner with these prestigious shapers for you to shred for years to come.

Softop Custom-Performance

1 Fused Cell EPS Core

2 HD-Epoxy Resin

3 2x E-Glass

4 Micro-Sandwich Veneer

5 Double Wood Stringers

6 Thermal Debossed EVA Deck Pad

7 Hard Fiberglass Bottom

8 Reinforced Rails

9 FCS II Fin Boxes

*Please check the availability and all the details

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