The Surftech Softop® and Blacktip's has been the industry standard for over 20 years and is the best choice for first time surfers, surf schools, rentals, families and the destructive grom. 

We developed the Learn-2-Surf® Softop® series which features our board positioning technology, bringing you the best product on the market for beginners and experienced surfers looking to have fun. 

Designed to hold up to the most demanding conditions, the Surftech Softops® are not only durable but look and surf great with shapes suitable for any level surfer. 

The hard bottom provides the stiffness needed for fast, down-the-line surfing while the soft deck is safe for the entry level surfer riding the wave of their life for the very first time. They are extremely durable, lightweight and guaranteed fun.

Easy to maneuver, the Blacktip makes learning easy and fun. In a variety of lengths from 6'0" to 10'0" the Blacktips feature durable and rigid multi-stringer cores, reinforced rubber bumpers at the nose and tail, are heat laminated, textured-soft foam decks, and padded slick bottoms. The Blacktips have been the "go-to" boards for surf schools, self-educated, rental, and the surfer that wants a safe, reliable board for their favorite break. They're very light-weight, makes them the ideal boards for kids to learn on as well!

***Fins included

*Please check the availability and all the details

directly on whatsapp +351 915 529 621

Only 100 units of this product remain

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