Rent 5'10 Sharpeye Modern 2.5 Dual-Core


Rent 5'10 Sharpeye Modern 2.5 Dual-Core



- 5'4 19.5'' 2.5'' 27.8 Liters 

- 5'6 19.75'' 2.5' 29.6 Liters

- 5'10 20.5'' 2.65'' 34.2 Liters

85% of all money spent in rentals during last month will be discounted in case of purchase any new or used surfboard with limited time of 3 days after last rent. All rents must be picked up and delivery in our shop any day between 10 am and 6.30 pm

85% de todo o dinheiro gasto em aluguer de pranchas durante o ultimo mês será descontado no caso de compra de pranchas usadas ou novas com um prazo de 3 dias após o ultimo aluguer. O material de aluguer deverá ser recolhido e entregue na nossa loja em qualquer dia das 10 da manhã as 6.30 da tarde.

The MODERN 2.5 / FUSION DUAL-CORE utilizes a fusion of EPS and PU foams to bring you the perfect balance of float, response, and performance. The Modern 2.5 is an updated version of the Modern 2 with more volume in the nose, more responsive rounded pin tail, and a five-fin setup for fine tuned fin options. When Filipe is training for the world tour you can find him ripping the Modern 2.5 because it works great in small to head high waves. Most importantly for Filipe, the Dual-Core has engineered swing weight for quick snaps and easier rotations in the air. 

***Fins Not Included

*Please check the availability and all the details

directly on whatsapp +351 915 529 621

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